Hey there 🙋‍♂️

My name's Harrison! I'm a software developer, and I like to make things in my spare time.

Things I've Made

Here's a short list of projects I've worked on.

  • LOGO.com

    Senior Software Engineer

    LOGO.com is a brand creation and management platform. I've had the opportunity to work on just about every system, from our Nuxt app to the image rendering pipeline.

    • AWS

    • NestJS

    • Vue

  • LiteCodes


    An API based QR code renderer and analytics tracker. Codes can be stylized, saved, downloaded, and converted into trackable links.

    • Vercel

    • NextJS

    • TailwindCSS

    • FaunaDB

  • Built with Next, Tailwind, and hosted with Vercel. Also, I play the accordion 🎵

    • NextJS

    • Vercel

    • TailwindCSS